Rick Massie Releases New Single and Music Video “Together As One”

Rick Massie - Together As One

Whitehorse-based, Labrador-born progressive metal solo musician Rick Massie has been building up anticipation for his upcoming debut album Eclipse which is due out in May of 2020. However, amid current events underway in the world, what with the pandemic situation surrounding COVID-19, Massie felt compelled to write a song with a more uplifting and positive message to help offset the drear and despair so often found on social media these past few weeks.

The latest single from the Yukon Territory musician, “Together As One”, was released through YouTube on March 19th and premiered via the metal news and lifestyle blog Alternative Control on March 23rd. The single will drop on Bandcamp on March 27th and is available for pre-order right now. All proceeds from the single will go to organizations focusing on Coronavirus relief efforts.

Check out the above link to Alternative Control to watch the music video Massie released alongside the single.

~ Akhenaten

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