Doom ‘An Blue Release New Single and Music Video “Ran Down”

Montreal hard rock and heavy metal duo Doom ‘An Blue, which features Quebec local Jimmy Antle on the skins and fellow Newfoundlander Lee Heache on guitars, have become a staple of the live music scene in Montreal. The group’s schtick of inviting a revolving door of guest bassists and guest vocalists both on stage and in the studio to perform covers from all decades of rock and roll history to their own groovy, hard hitting and sultry originals has made them a favourite amongst the doom and stoner metal crowds in the Quebec metal world.

On Monday, October 19th, the band released their latest single, “Ran Down”, which features Stephanie Lune and Masha Te of the hard rock trio Death Proof (another band that’s worth checking out for stoner / doom fans). You can check out the video for “Ran Down” through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Former CBTG’s Reopens as Plan B Bar & Lounge

Most of you will remember earlier this year when the space colloquially known as ‘the Deck’ lost one of its mainstay bars, the punk rock hotspot known as CBTG’s, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CBTG’s was loved by many and maligned by perhaps just as many but nobody could deny that its closure was a major blow to the local scene in terms of venues available for artists who play alternative, heavy and aggressive music.

Thankfully the space has not gone to waste as the bar recently reopened as the Plan B Bar & Lounge. The lease for the space has been taken over by Tiffany Fowler and Evan Thorne and officially opened on Saturday, October 3rd. The space has since hosted live music and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

We at Heavy NFLD wish Tiffany and Evan the best of luck when it comes to this new venture and we hope that our community finds the space to be just as homely now as it was when it went by the name of CBTG’s.

~ Akhenaten

Amer Ali Releases New Single “Memories”

Hamaisha guitarist and St. John’s based solo musician Amer Ali announced back in September that his newest single “Memories” would be dropping this month. Now that day has come. As of October 15th “Memories” is available on all major streaming platforms. The song is an absolute shredfest featuring the guest fretwork of Ossy Mash drowned in a sea of reverb. If guitar virtuosity is your thing this will be up your alley. Check it out through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Watch: Mistwalker – Live @ AJ’s Bar and Restaurant

Glovertown originating, Montreal based blackened heavy metal band Mistwalker played their first live show in Montreal on November 30th, 2019 and had planned several more shows for the spring season within the city until the COVID-19 pandemic threw an intense wrench into those plans.

While we posted a drumcam video of head songwriter Greg Ravengrave towards the end of last year, a new video has popped up showing bassist Erin Faithless (Erin Faith of Ratpiss) and former live guitarist William of the Black Woods (William Boisvert of Vertex and Helldawn) shredding at the front of the stage.

The footage is credited to Vanessa Illuiri and the video was posted to the Mistwalker YouTube channel on September 26th, 2020. You can check out the full video through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Heavy NFLD Official Podcast Episode 22: The Heavy NFLD Progcast

Hey! Did you miss the latest episode of our podcast when we put it out at the end of September? Well never fear! The whole thing is available for you to listen to on our Bandcamp page and will soon be coming to our YouTube channel as well.

On this episode, the cleverly titled Progcast, we took a look at some of the progressive metal that has emerged from the music scene in Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s a genre you wouldn’t typically associate with our province but one that has had a surprising burst in popularity over the past five years.

We unfortunately had to cut this episode short due to time constraints but rest assured that this will not be the last time we delve deep into the world of experimental time signatures and sick-ass riffs. You can check it out through our Bandcamp embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Month in Review: September 2020

The frigid chill of autumn is in the air as we come into the spookiest month of the year and begin to carve the jacks to keep the spirits of the underworld at bay. But before the most metal holiday of the year commences lets take a look back at the month that preceded it, the month in which the last throes of summer die as the slow wasting away of the verdant greens sets in for the equinox.

September was a busy month. Our very own compilation album Burn the Leeches topped the Earshot Charts, the chart system used by Exclaim Magazine to deduce the popularity of music across Canadian radio stations. On top of that we saw Ratpiss announce that they have finally found a guitar player and the one and only Trash Juice reunited after a year of floundering in obscurity.

New music from The Hellfire Club, Monroe, Withered Crops, Artach, Rick Massie and Most Likely Forever graced our ears while Grole, the new side project of Spectral Wound’s Illusory, was also dropped, offering the town of Marystown some much need representation in our scene.

Veritable tons of merch were released this past month, including our very own Heavy NFLD shirts! Speaking of which, if you’d like one, send an e-mail to with your shipping address and your preferred size and we’ll get one to you as soon as possible!

Biggest Stories
Burn the Leeches Tops the Exclaim Earshot Charts
CBC Interviews Heavy NFLD Founder Greg Ravengrave
Facebook Introduces New Rules that Target Musicians
Lawnya Vawnya 10 Reveals Lineup
Ratpiss Announce New Guitarist Sami El-Agha
Trash Juice Reunited
Winterhearth Receives Coverage in The Newfoundland Herald

An Interview with Hag

Album Reviews
Rick Massie – Eclipse [by Akhenaten]

New Albums
The Hellfire Club – Volume II

Monroe + Withered Crops – Split

New Singles
Artach – “Cryoseism”
Goddammit – “Police Force Trauma”
Hag – “Symptom of the Universe” [Black Sabbath Cover]
The Knifes – “Pop Country Single (Poisons)”
Most Likely Forever + Decay – “Natural Born Killers”
Rick Massie – “The Storm”

New Demos
Grole – Grole
Wild Step – Demo

Albums Announced
Criss Rogers – Untitled Solo LP
Mantra – Lucid
Mistwalker – It Came from the Past

Artach Reveal New Line of T-Shirts
Grind Mind Reveal Custom Skateboard Deck
Heavy NFLD Releases T-Shirts
The Outhouse Releases Misfits-Inspired T-Shirt
Ultimata Reveal New Tapestries

Horrific NFLD
Grind Mind Release New Horror Short Bound by Blood
Grind Mind to Resume Pre-Production of Mummering Legends

We also released the 22nd episode of our Official Podcast which we unfortunately had to cut short due to time constraints, but it’s still available for your listening pleasure. This episode focuses around some of the prog metal that has come out of Newfoundland in the last few years. You can listen to it through our Bandcamp embed below.

Albums Archived
Artach – Cold Day in Hell [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Cryoseism [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Ice Raven [Tech Noir Mix] [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Lords of a Frozen Domain [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Night Songs [Cinderella Cover] [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Northward Leading [Single, Black Metal]
Artach – Shimmer [Single, Black Metal]
Bad Milk – Spitt [LP, Grunge]
The Birchmen – Hot L.A. Nights [LP, Progressive Metal]
The Hellfire Club – The Hellfire Club [LP, Hard Rock]
The Knifes – Pop Country Single (Poisons) [Single, Hardcore Punk]
Most Likely Forever + Decay – Natural Born Killers [Single, Nu Metal]
Various Artists – A Heavy NFLD Compilation: Burn the Leeches [Compilation]
Winterhearth – Riverbed Empire [LP, Black Metal]

~ Akhenaten

Amer Ali Announces New Single “Memories”

Over the course of the pandemic Hamaisha guitarist Amer Ali has been embarking on a solo career. The axeman first released a single entitled “Pathogen” back in August which unfortunately slipped under our radar. Now the artist is coming out with a second single entitled “Memories” which will drop on October 15th. The new single will feature Ossy Mash as a guest musician and will be available on most streaming platforms.

In the meantime check out “Pathogen” through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Watch: Winterhearth Cover Metallica’s “Motorbreath” on In the Attic

St. John’s blackened thrash / death metal outfit Winterhearth are hot off the release of their third full length album Riverbed Empire and the group still shows no signs of slowing down. The band took part in the In the Attic project hosted by 97.5 K-Rock radio host JLaC, who asked local Newfoundland musicians to cover Metallica songs. Winterhearth elected to choose “Motorbreath” from the band’s debut record Kill ‘Em All for the performance.

The full video of the performance was released to Winterhearth’s official YouTube channel on October 2nd, 2020 and you can watch it below through our YouTube embed.

~ Akhenaten

Demo(n)ology: Grole – Grole

Grole – Grole
September 13th, 2020
Raw Black Metal
Tour de Garde
Maystown, Newfoundland

Released September 2020, Grole’s self titled demo is the latest addition to Newfoundland’s expanding black metal scene. Grole is the new project from Marystown musician Illusory, known for their black metal work as a member of Divine Eradication, Profane Order, and Spectral Wound. Grole is fresh material from an experienced artist doing what they do best.

Before even hearing the tape the cover grabs your attention immediately. A mysterious hooded figure holding an ornate sword as the flag of Newfoundland loomed behind them in stark black and white with no text radiates an aura of dark mystery and intrigue. The label Tour De Garde describes the project as a “black metal settlement” and that this release “…is imbued with the fury of the Atlantic winds and hatred for dense human population”, an accurate statement as the project is named after a former fishing settlement which was resettled.

The alluring visuals are one thing but the music is what you’re here for. Very raw, lo fi black metal with fast, frigid riffs, bass and drums that give the demo a nice thick, dense sound, and some really well done vocals that sound like a cross between a guttural roar and a tortured shriek. One thing that makes this stand out from a lot of black metal demos is that you can hear that there is a level of experience and professionalism here. It doesn’t sound like the tracks were just recorded, put on a tape and that’s it, you can tell there was care taken to make sure it sounded good, and that the track sequencing flowed well and felt consistent. This may have been a first release but it was anything but amateur hour.

The project strives for “…worship of nature landscapes of untouched Newfoundland heritage”, and that comes through in their sound, closing your eyes when you listen to this you can see the brutal winters, unforgiving ocean, and desolate landscapes that influenced these seven songs of solitude. This demo sounds like being trapped inside as a storm rages outside, as you hope the barrier between you and it holds as you cautiously wait to see the damage it will leave in its wake.

Grole’s self-titled demo is a must listen for anyone interested in the island’s growing black metal scene. A vicious testament to the harsh, isolated land of its creation. A solid new project from a talented creator that will we hopefully see more from in the future.

The tape is available to order from Tour De Garde, and streamable on their Youtube channel.

Final Verdict: 8/10

Favourite Tracks:
“Foul Crapulence”

~ James Titford

EP Review: Froze to Debt – Mind Control

Froze to Debt – Mind Control
June 2nd, 2020
Hardcore Punk
Independently Released
Pasadena, Newfoundland

Froze to Debt are a unique band from Newfoundland and Labrador in that they are the only band playing this kind of aggressive and heavy hitting music hailing from the small town of Pasadena in the Humber Valley on Newfoundland’s west coast. The band came onto the scene in early 2018 with their first effort Ultraviolent, a record that was recorded and released as part of that year’s Record Production Month challenge. A few years later and the trio consisting of Marc West on vocals and bass, Jord False on vocals and guitar and Steve Rubbish on vocals and drums have come out with their second offering, a short EP by the name of Mind Control which was released on June 2nd of this year.

The first thing that strikes me about this EP is the unapologetically ‘old school’ in terms of its sound. The structure of these songs sound like something that could have easily come out of the old school English and American punk scenes of the 70’s, hearkening to bands like Black Flag and the Sex Pistols, especially on the title track of the EP. Even though much of this is typical of punk rock the band does throw some wild cards into the mix like the weirdly experimental “Death Always Wins” which has some ‘progressive’ instrumentation, or at least as progressive as punk rock will allow.

This isn’t only present in the structure of the songs as it is also notable in the tone of the guitar, which isn’t as heavy and distorted as some of the other bands in the Newfoundland punk scene. Rather the aggression from this band comes in the form of passion as opposed to raw distortion. You can tell with songs like the appropriately speedy “Death Always Wins” that these guys like playing as angrily as they do fast.

In terms of vocals all three band members contribute something on this EP. “Mind Control” in and of itself depicts multiple styles of vocals from Jord and Steve, going back and forth between typical punk-style yelling in an impersonation of an English accent from Steve and a high pitched black metal-esque shriek from Jord.

While the band may seem like another addition to a scene full of punk rock bands doing the same sort of thing over and over again, these guys have a sense of humour and style about them. Beneath the generally standard sound of the guitar work, there’s an air of experimentation and genre-bending going on that the music nerd in me can’t help but appreciate. If you haven’t checked out Mind Control yet, do so, especially if you’re in need of something fresh from the world of Newfoundland punk rock.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Favourite Tracks:
“Mind Control”
“Death Always Wins”

~ Akhenaten