Chimp Apparatus Tease Recorded Material

St. John’s rock band Chimp Apparatus haven’t been around the scene for very long, but it would appear that they are already working on recorded material. While nothing has been officially announced, if the below Instagram post is to be believed, the above image is likely the album art. We can’t say anything for sure yet, given the uncertainty of the text in the post below, but we will keep you updated as we learn more.

The below announcement was posted to the band’s Instagram account on July 15th, 2021.

~ Akhenaten

СЯ Releases New Song “Puppet Show”

Corner Brook solo musician СЯ has been working on new solo material since the COVID-19 pandemic began, releasing a slew of tracks over the course of 2021. The last song we covered was “Deadpan”, a rerecorded version of a song released from Criss’ old band Spider Valentine. However in that time, Criss has dropped two additional tracks. The first song, “S.O.B.”, was released four months ago. The most recent song, “Puppet Show”, dropped on June 27th, and was released through his SoundCloud account.

You can check out “Puppet Show”, through our SoundCloud embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Rick Massie Working on New LP

Labrador-born Yukon prog musician Rick Massie released his debut record Eclipse last year, enjoying a fair amount of positive reception to his first full length solo effort. In the time since then Massie has been gearing up for the followup to that 2020 record, which has, as of yet, been untitled.

Massie has been most active on Twitter, where he has offered short updates on the process of recording his second record. In one tweet he states:

After what seems like ages of tinkering (a little bit at a time), I’ve finally dedicated some serious time to mixing the new album, and I’m super-happy with how it’s sounding now. Teasers coming soon….

This was followed up by:

At that stage of “all songs exported, now to listen for a few weeks to detect any minor tweaks that might be needed”. Album 2 is inching closer to reality.

He also posted a short teaser of a synthwave-esque song to Twitter, which you can listen to below.

~ Akhenaten

Sierra’s Eye Release New Single “Alone”

Sierra’s Eye, a heavy metal / thrash metal group from St. John’s, unfortunately announced earlier this month that they would be going on hiatus, citing creative differences and the busyness of life as the primary reasons. Despite this, the group have deigned to drop a second single before fading from the scene for an indefinite amount of time.

The new track, entitled “Alone”, was released to YouTube on July 20th, 2021 and can be listened to through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Heavy NFLD Official Podcast Episode 30: May 2021 – Glovertown Underground

If you haven’t noticed we’ve missed a few episode of our podcast in recent months. I blame most of it on personal reasons as my own life became so hectic in the past two or three months that it’s a wonder I managed to keep posting throughout June. Luckily for you listeners out there I’ve made a pledge to make up for missing May and June by creating two episodes for July and August each. This is the first of those episodes.

On Episode 30 we delve deep into the musical lore of Glovertown, the humble seaside community that I grew up in. We take a listen to some bands that span as far back as the mid-2000’s right up to modern releases from artists that are either still living in Glovertown or originally came from Glovertown.

You can check out Episode 30 throughour Bandcamp embed below, and it will also soon be coming to the YouTube channel.

01. The Skeats – “Box Set of Dreams”
02. Vehement Gates – “The Day of Night”
03. Mistwalker – “Penchant for Pendants”
04. July One – “Run for Cover”
05. Fucked to Death – “Mindwarp of Technology”
06. Defense Force – “Everything I Learned, I Learned in Hell”
07. Anal Christ – “The Battlefield is Full of Death”
08. Art Club – “Film Negatives”
09. The Evan, James and Jake Band – “Muffins in Space”
10. Ghost Cow Experiment – “Pepzi” [Mickey Edit Version]
11. Trinidad Gunfight – “Osiris and His Thunder”
12. Fog Lake – “Monster”

~ Akhenaten

Slowpoke Releases New Single “Sid the Cat”

St. John’s stoner / doom metal outfit Slowpoke have dropped the first single from their upcoming, self-titled, debut record. “Sid the Cat” was released through Bandcamp and YouTube on July 19th, 2021 and is about the life and times of one of downtown St. John’s most permanent fixtures, as the title of the track would suggest, Sid the Cat.

In the band’s own words:

The song is about a collection of mostly true stories about arguably the coolest cat in downtown St John’s – Sid. If you like it share it with a friend, tell us what you think, or you can just download it for free right now.

The song also features guest vocals from Al Yeti Bones, the frontman of Windsor, Ontario stoner metal band Gypsy Chief Goliath. You can listen to “Sid the Cat” through our Bandcamp embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Plan B Bar & Lounge Broken Into

On July 21st, 2021, local venue Plan B Bar & Lounge, which occupies the space formerly inhabited by CBTG’s, posted a series of security camera screenshots of a group of individuals who broke into the bar the week prior. There appears to be four individuals who broke in. If you have any information on these people, or recognize them, we would encourage you to get in contact with the owners of Plan B via their Facebook page.

~ Akhenaten

Wild Step Working on New Demo

Happy Valley Goose Bay stoner / doom metal band Wild Step released their debut demo back in September of 2020, showing the island portion of our province that Labrador does indeed have heavy music to offer. The self-described “loudest band in Labrador” posted a short clip of bassist Sheldon Saunders testing out some micing techniques, indicating that the group is working on new material. When asked the group simply replied “better proper demo coming soon. Firing on all cylinders now.”

When said demo is released we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Until then, you can check out the group’s first demo through our Bandcamp embed below.

~ Akhenaten

Ex Press Working on New Material

St. John’s power pop and punk rock duo Ex Press, which consists of Devon Milley and Matthew Fudge, released their debut EP Itchy to Move back in March of this year, and they’re already gearing up to work on their next batch of new songs. The band announced on Saturday, July 16th, via their Instagram account, that they “switching it up a bit on our new batch of tunes.”

The group posted this message alongside a short teaser clip showcasing a brief snippet of a new song they’re working on, which you can check out below through our embedded Instagram video.

~ Akhenaten

Artach Releases Lyric Video for “Tuiteam an Duine”

St. John’s black metal duo Artach have enjoyed a fair bit of positive reception to their sophomore record Sworn to Avenge, which dropped earlier this year. The group had released a series of singles from the album in the lead-up to its release along with several music videos and lyric videos to help promote the record. The latest addition to this series of lyric videos is “Tuiteam an Duine” (which means “The Fall of Man” in Irish Gaelic), the first track off of Sworn to Avenge.

This lyric video was released on the morning of Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, through the black metal promotional YouTube channel This is Black Metal.

You can check out the lyric video for “Tuiteam an Duine” through our YouTube embed below.

~ Akhenaten